Our vision of education is to build a strong younger generation. Our boys and girls, who think clearly, listen carefully, reason persuasively and articulate precisely. We want our children to foster good manners, be trustworthy to themselves and others, be resilient and resourceful to enjoy learning and achieve the best of abilities in al spheres of life so that they can make a better every day for many people.

Our mission is to be leading school where every individual is welcomed and respected, motivated and enabled to develop the desired ability in a stimulating and challenging environment. We values each child as an individual and give positive recognition of this achievement. We ultimately aim to ensure that our students are human, enlightened and productive citizens. By developing their potential we help our students to become unique, responsible and successful leaders.

The purpose of today’s education is not to fill empty vessels but turn the inner eye to light. The motto of our school is “ To be the light”